* How do I submit my data for curation to BDDB?
Upload buffer domains from your H3K4me3 ChIP called peaks (use the get_broad_from_bed.pl script on the bed file containing all the peaks). Please include the method of peak calling and the version of the assembly you used to call the peaks. We currently only accept files in BED format (see specifications in http://genome.ucsc.edu/FAQ/FAQformat.html#format1)

* What is displayed on the BDDB search page?
Buffer Domain from existing processed datasets. Note that genes are only reported if they were marked by a broad H3K4me3 domain. A gene which is not included in the results can be either unmarked, or marked by a typical H3K4me3 domain.

* What does the "breadth" score represent?
The score corresponds to the normalized length of the peak of interest to the 95th percentile of the H3K4me3 length in the cognate dataset. It indicates how "broad" a Buffer domain was in the tissue of interest. By clicking on the column name, you can sort genes by the breadth of their Buffer Domains.

* How can I download the full contents database ?
Contact us using the contact page to get an MySQL dump of the most current BDDB version.